Francesca Amott

Where Do We Go Now?

In the beginning, back in March, I didn’t mind not being able to travel. Since nobody was able to travel, I felt a sense of camaraderie with my fellow hunker-downers (to borrow Leslie Jordan’s phrase). We all shared the same experience of canceling trips, putting plans on hold, and hoping that, soon enough, we would […]


Pay Attention

Note: I began writing this post just as the Coronavirus pandemic reached the eastern U.S. As it quickly disrupted our lives, I set the post aside to focus on more immediate concerns. Once I eventually began to feel more resigned than reactive as I settled into a new routine for the time being, I returned […]


Redesigning Woman

I derive a Marie Kondo-esque joy from January. It’s like a clean slate. The year is wide open with possibility. And the days are once again getting longer. Yet the start of 2020 came with an unexpected dose of anxiety for me. I reasoned that this must be due to the beginning of a new […]